5 haircuts that will be a hit in spring-summer 2021

Spring-summer 2021 will be synonymous with changes for our hair! Short boyish cut, seventies spirit, shaggy cut, long square or on the contrary, romantic long cut. Our hairdressers aren't done tearing their hair out! The editorial staff has compiled for you the 5 hairstyle trends that will be the most popular this season. Ready? We're taking you on!

1 - Very short boyish haircuts

This was already the case this winter, but it is clear that the ultra short will impose itself on our pretty heads. This spring, we're abandoning its slightly rock pixie cut for a short cut, only a few centimeters. The legs are slightly marked, the hair is not tapered and almost not combed.

A style of cut that perfectly highlights thin and/or angular as well as slightly elongated faces. On the other hand, it is to be avoided for rectangular faces, because the ultra-short cut accentuates the masculine side. Of course, you can follow these make-up tips or give free rein to all your hair desires. Up to you !

2 - Long hair, seventies spirit

You loved our article on the sixties hairstyle trend this winter. We advance a decade and we adopt ultra long hair, well below the shoulders and slightly wavy at the ends. This bohemian vintage look will be on the rise in the spring. We will simply leave her hair long, with a parting in the middle or a curtain fringe for example.

The hair will be straight, no gradient. As hairdresser Fabien Giambona explains to Gala.fr, the goal is to highlight the healthy side of our hair. This trendy spring-summer 2021 haircut will go wonderfully with thick hair. Special mention to those who have adopted the reverse highlight or have a light color such as Venetian blond, copper or golden blond. You are going to be awesome!

3 - Very marked vintage cuts such as shaggy or mullet

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Miley Cyrus democratized the mullet several months ago, and many personalities and anonymous people followed suit! Decidedly, the 70s have not really said their last word.

Still according to expert Fabien Giambona, for a mullet cut to work, the person wearing it must have a very stylish style. The androgynous, fine and overall very assumed profiles, for example, go together perfectly.

Very trendy in England and Spain, the mullet cut has a little sister: the shaggy or shag cut. Between the layered cut and the neo mullet, the shag cut plays with dimensions and tapers the lengths to create multiple levels. In France, personalities like Alexa Ching, Lou Doillon or even Charlotte Gainsbourg adopted it a long time ago.

4 - The very straight short bob

Remember this winter, everyone swore by the elongated bob. A mid-length square with undulations. For this spring, we are still super fan of the square, but this time, short and straight version. It is a more rocky square, which goes down to the level of the jaw or at maximum, to the shoulders. We also like it with a parting in the middle or a fringe.

This is a haircut that will go particularly well with oval faces. Moreover, all styles of cuts suit them. Lucky little ones! On the other hand, the straight short square is less suitable for round or square faces.

Arriving towards the end of spring and the beginning of summer: do not hesitate to let yourself go with some pretty wavy waves on your bob...

5 - What about hairstyle then?

You don't necessarily want to give yourself a new hairstyle and rather want to try new hairstyles on your current hair? Carefree ! Here too there is plenty to have fun.

Make no mistake, the hairstyle superstar this spring 2021 is the braid. Glued, double, single, even triple. Romantic, steep or wavy... it doesn't matter! This will also be very practical so as not to have hair in your eyes. We validate!

Second on the podium: the attached hairstyles. Yes, goodbye hair left loose. This year, we like to have our hair tied back. The must of the must? The high ponytail, particularly pretty on round faces, which also gives us a natural lift. If that isn't pretty...

And you, what hairstyle are you going to opt for this spring? Do you like the idea of ​​wearing your hair up or are you going to play the rebel and let it loose? Tell us on the forum, in the Beauty section!