5 ways to camouflage the first gray hairs

Often associated with the inevitable passing of years, the appearance of the first gray hairs can have a demoralizing effect on some women, especially if they are not ready to take the plunge into permanent hair color. And yet, as long as white hair is still rare, there are many less restrictive techniques to hide it. Partial or semi-permanent hair coloring, we reveal some gentle methods to sublimate the hair.

Root touch-up products

Want to instantly refresh your hair strewn with white hair? Opt for specialized products that offer an ephemeral effect. There are several that are available depending on the colors and the mode of use. They make it possible to work directly on the zones concerned by installing a pigment there which is eliminated with the first shampoo. Hair mascara, coloring powder, root touch-up spray, stick or tinted dry shampoo adapted to the color of your hair, thanks to these revolutionary means you can camouflage your depigmented hair in no time.

Highlights and Balayage

These are two techniques that make it possible to bring beautiful shine to natural hair thanks to a partial color change. White hair will not disappear but will blend in with the base color and will even help create a trendy effect. While sweeping can bring color and depth to bleached hair, it is however necessary to choose the right shade of highlights or highlights - ash blond for blonds, golden red for redheads and caramel, copper or honey for dark brown. For the choice of the right shade and the realization of this coloring technique, it is better to contact a professional colorist.

Tone-on-tone coloring

5 façons de camoufler les premiers cheveux blancs

It is a semi-permanent color that fades with shampoos and only lasts six to eight weeks. Because it does not contain ammonia and envelops the hair fiber without penetrating the scales, it is much less aggressive than permanent coloring. Beyond its gentle action, tone-on-tone coloring is less restrictive and does not require you to make many visits to the hairdresser. If your white hair consists of more than 20% of the hair but does not exceed 60%, you can use it to mask hair age and revive your natural color.

On the product side, several hair brands have their ranges of tone-on-tone colorings that allow you to obtain professional results at home. At makeup.fr, you will find the best-selling L'Oréal DiaRichesse and Matrix Color Sync ranges, among others. This online store brings together the hair products and colors preferred by consumers and hairdressing professionals.

The coloring shampoo

Just like tone on tone, the coloring shampoo pigments the surface of the hair, without damaging it, and fades with washes. It applies easily and the color fades gradually. Apart from bringing color, it offers a moisturizing and revitalizing action and is aimed at both colored and natural hair. The coloring shampoo helps prolong the color and maintain its shine and intensity. Used on natural hair, it helps to enhance shine and correct unwanted undertones. For a clearly visible effect, it is chosen in a darker color but close to the natural color.

Cut and accessories

As a rule, the first white hair grows around the temples and forehead and can be concealed with the hairstyle. A few locks left near the sides or voluminous bangs are enough to camouflage them. If you want to hide the regrowth without resorting to a hat or bandana, adopt a fuzzy parting rather than a straight fringe that will accentuate the white roots. The less your hairstyle is strict, the less white hair will be seen. Well-washed hair, frizzy, curly or voluminous locks can give the hair some texture and a cooler look.