A vegan hair salon has opened in Lille: we present the mane to you!

A vegan hair salon has opened in Lille: we present the mane to you!

By Olympe Bonnet published Lelille Actuis my news

Being vegan is not just for food.A mixed hair salon, in total agreement with this philosophy of life, has just taken up residence close to the Sebastopol theater in Lille (North).At the helm: Clémentine Brocard and Simon Lefebvre, aged 28 and 38 respectively.

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These two Lille residents made their hands before opening their own establishment."We both worked at Gonay, in Old Lille, for three years.We met there, "starts Clémentine.The youngest of the duo began their career as a dealer in a wigker to work in the world of show.She learned the basics alongside Philippe Gonay and started to style on parades.

"Simon was responsible for Vog, and then we decided to open a living room together.I used to make the colors and the cuts, "adds the northerner.But at the mane, everyone makes both.

What is a vegan hair salon?

Un salon de coiffure végan a ouvert à Lille : on vous présente la Crinière !

The particularity of the living room is that all products are guaranteed 100 % natural and do not contain any animal substance like whale fat, frequently used in cosmetics.

"We are very careful about the origin of our products, that they are not tested on animals".When she was a colorist, Clémentine breathed ammonia all day long.With Simon, they therefore preferred to say goodbye to chemicals and opt for the Naturian brand.Shampoos, care, masks and lacquers are all available for sale in the living room.

On the budget side, we are on a high -end establishment, but the prices are aligned with those of the competition.In short, the short cup is 40 euros, mid-length at 50 euros and long at 60 euros.

La Crinière se trouve au 26, place Sébastopol à Lille. Le salon est ouvert du mardi au samedi, de 9 h à 19 h. Vous pouvez prendre rendez-vous au 09 82 48 46 04 ou sur ce site.

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