The BBC hires George Webster, its first presenter with Down's syndrome

George Webster, a 20 -year -old dancer, actor and activist, has just been hired as a presenter on CBEEBIES, a youth channel of the BBC.AT first in the history of the British public audiovisual group.


AT great lesson in inclusiveness.George Webster, a 20 -year -old young man with Down's syndrome, has just been hired as a children's chain presenter Cbeebies, which belongs to the BBC.AT first in the history of the famous British institution.The host - who is also a dancer, actor and ambassador of the Mencap Chariting ATssociation - walks in the footsteps of other presenters Down's syndrome, like the Egyptian Rahma Khaled and the ATmerican Julia Hales.

The news, fallen at the start of the week, delighted this dance enthusiast from Leeds, who spoke in a video posted on the Twitter account of CBEEBIES: "I feel so proud and I am excited at the idea ofStart this adventure (...) When I was little, I was told that I could accomplish whatever I want.ATnd look where I am today! "

George Webster had already collaborated with the BBC last March, in an educational video relating to received ideas around Down syndrome.But it is in the short film S.AT.M, released a year earlier, that the Briton became known to the general public.Directed by Neil Ely and Lloyd Eyre-Morgan, the young man plays the role of a Down's syndrome who falls in love with another boy.


La BBC engage George Webster, son premier présentateur atteint de trisomie 21

The announcement of the recruitment of George Webster on CBEEBIES aroused a wave of admiration on social networks.Actress Sally Phillips (love at first sight at Notting Hill, Bridget Jones newspaper), herself a mother of a Downy child, was one of the first to let her joy explode."Oh, cbeebies, I love you so much! It counts so much for us, and George is absolutely incredible!", She expressed on her Twitter account.

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However, this is not the first time that the chain has shown inculsivity.Already in 2009, CBEEBIES hired the English presenter Cerrie Burnell, dyslexic and amputee of the right forearm.Its beginnings on the channel were not to the taste of many parents, fearing that their children be shocked by the host's handicap (CBEEBIES is intended for children under the age of 7).Despite many complaints, Cerrie Burnell stayed 8 years on the channel.

Last year, Ben Cajee, Métis presenter of Cbeebies, paid tribute to George Floyd in a series of short videos entitled "My Black History Heroes" (My black heroes in history).Two -minute episodes, in which the presenter tells his own experience of racism while returning to the journey of black personalities who have changed the world.

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