Karine Le Marchand intrigues Internet users, her "wedding dress" arouses the curiosity of her fans...

Not a single week goes by without us learning some pretty startling new revelations about the host of the legendary show on M6, L'amour est dans le pré. Karine Le Marchand is really not cold in the eyes and she was able to show it once again with rather harsh words against all those who can sometimes try to destabilize her by all possible and imaginable means. It must be said that the host can sometimes be the target of many mockeries, and rumors which are also all crazier than each other.

The latest one was very noticeable, because it was used in an online advertisement that Karine Le Marchand did not like at all, she wanted to let it know for let everyone know the truth again. As you will be able to see, Karine Le Marchand does not hesitate to say loud and clear what she thinks and can sometimes be the target of quite crazy rumours: a good deed for her to put things straight to avoid all misunderstandings with his fans!

Indeed, we suspected that the host Karine Le Marchand could sometimes be in trouble with the statements of some viewers who are surprised to see the host sometimes take radical decisions, as we have been able to discover again in his stories or in his publications on the Instagram social network.

Karine Le Marchand intrigues internet users, her

Karine Le Marchand in turmoil, she justifies herself on the latest couple rumours…

We can say that Karine Le Marchand is going to have a hard time once again with “fake news” which may have concerned her in recent days. Indeed, while the host was recently able to be very present on social networks, no one could have been able to imagine that the latter could be in a relationship with a famous chef from the M6 ​​channel.

We have indeed been able to see an online advertisement where it seems that Karine Le Marchand and Cyril Lignac are in the process of experiencing a mad love. Unfortunately, even if for some fans, the two protagonists alone could form a very beautiful couple for this year, we were able to learn against all odds that Karine Le Marchand was not in fact in a relationship with the famous chef from Tous en food.

Therefore, for all the fans who could have hoped at some point to see an emblematic couple between Karine Le Marchand and Cyril Lignac, it's a cold shower! However, a photo on social networks could revive the rumors on social networks…

Karine Le Marchand is reigniting wedding rumors with her stunning white dress

While Karine Le Marchand still and always dresses in good taste, she has decided on social networks to post a photo of her in a white dress which is sublime and which also suits her very well. Unfortunately, the host of Love is in the meadow had not anticipated having so many reactions from Internet users.

The latter may have believed that it was a wedding dress, when in reality it is not!

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