The "small business" AC/DC does not know the crisis

The "small business" AC/DC does not know the crisis

Those who have been given the Australian Moribond group have been very small since the release in November of Power Up, the 17th studio album of the group.This is no more or less the disc that sold the most last year in the three most promising markets that are the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.And he rose to the top of the charts in 18 countries.However, things seemed poorly changed in recent years, whether it was because of the judicial cases of drummer Phil Rudd, the eviction of singer Brian Johnson because of deafness and above all of the death Malcolm Young already dismissed because Handle.It is however written that the Australians are much more tough than that.The success of their latest attest.

In the wake of it, AC/DC makes its “small business” grow by diversifying its activities.Nothing new since it has been a long time since the group is content to have its guitars roar to feed the Caisse-Caisse.In recent years, Angus Young and Company have launched their own beer.In 2014, associated with the brewer Karlsberg, they offered a blonde inspired by their album rock or bust.This year, this is a range available to fans.In association this time with Knucklebonz and the Calicraft Brewing Company, the group offers “AC/DC PWR Up Juicy IPA” at 6.66%, with its so -called tropical touch and “AC/DC TNT IPA”, more full -bodied thanthe first, at 8.2%.They are only available in the United States for the moment, it will therefore be necessary to be patient to toast with Angus.


More surprising, AC/DC also markets a range of clothing for children via its Stiore online store.AC baby recuers should we write since they are frozen frozen beams with the image of the hard rock formation.All this without counting the lines already offered for women and men for a very long time.

In short, AC/DC becomes more than ever a family affair for fans.As for the group itself, he knows perfectly how to lead his boat, both musically and in business ...