Anaod, a brand of recycled clothing created in Brest

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Samuel Havaux et Alban Quellec ont créé Anaod, une marque de vêtements recyclés. Le premier, âgé de 23 ans, est étudiant en master 2 à l’IAE de Bretagne occidentale à Brest et réside à Bohars ; le second, 22 ans, est designer graphique de formation et vit à Plouédern. Anaod, une marque de vêtements recyclés créée à Brest Anaod, une marque de vêtements recyclés créée à Brest

Samuel Havaux details the raison d'être of Anaod:

Old plastic clothes and bottles

Anaod clothes are made from old clothes and plastic bottles dedicated to being thrown or cremated."Used clothes are collected in Europe by our Spanish partner.They are sorted by color and composition to be crushed with mechanical machines before being transformed into fibers which will be used to design our new recycled cotton tissues.»Composed of 50 % used clothes and 50 % polyester from plastic bottles collected there again in Europe."To strengthen our recycled cotton threads and increase the sustainability of our tissues.This is for the moment the best compromise.We are thinking of gradually creating plastic clothes.»»

Samuel Havaux assures it: "The fabric thus made is thick, with a high density to be robust and hold over time.»»

Anaod, une marque de vêtements recyclés créée à Brest

The manufacture of clothes is carried out in northern Portugal."In local workshops.For the moment, we do not want to work with French workshops, the labor costs being too high to stay in an affordable price range for customers.We play transparency from start to the end of the process.All the information is available on our website, where we also relate the through the fashion industry.»»

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Three mixed models

For the moment, Anaod is available in three models (900 pieces are in stock).Two short sleeve t-shirts (a white basic and an orange coral) at a price of 30 euros, and a long sleeves (blue) at 35 euros.The three are mixed and sold only via the website. « La livraison est gratuite à Brest»», précise Samuel Havaux.

The White T-shirt displays the PROTECT THE EARTH (Protecting the Earth) formula, the CORAIL Friends of the Sea (Friends of the Sea), the Blue Save The Ocean (Save the ocean).

"We would like to design hooded sweatshirts for this winter," continues Alban Quellec.But they will only be sold as pre -order, to avoid stocks.»»

But by the way, why Anaod?"It is a Breton brand that wants to highlight the region.An Aod, in Breton, that means on the coast.We have glued the two terms by increasing the formula on the Finistère ribs to show where we are.I am aware of environmental protection and I did not find a fairly committed brand that could suit me. D’où cette volonté de créer Anaod, afin de tenter de limiter l’impact de la mode sur l’environnement et de faire passer des messages»», conclut Samuel Havaux.

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