Exclusive - ranking of 35 responsible and inspiring leaders under 35 years old

Exclusive - ranking of 35 responsible and inspiring leaders under 35 years old

1 - Anthony Babkine: digital, diversity accelerator

Entrepreneur social et professionnel du numérique, Anthony Babkine s'engage pour davantage d'inclusion et de diversité dans le monde de la Tech. En 2017, il cofonde Diversidays dont l'objectif est de faire émerger les talents sous-représentés ou discriminés dans les métiers et entreprises du numérique. Du haut de ses 35 ans, il est parvenu à sensibiliser plus de 3.000 personnes, et il ne compte pas s'arrêter là !EXCLUSIF - Classement des 35 leaders responsables et inspirants de moins de 35 ans EXCLUSIF - Classement des 35 leaders responsables et inspirants de moins de 35 ans

Why did the jury choose it?

Both engaged and turned to the future, he was chosen for his understanding of the issues and the answers he brings within VariousSays.

2 - Alice Barbe: "We are not born, we become"

Alice Barbe, 34, is co -founder and president of the Academy of Future Leaders, who accompanies in their entry into politics the citizen leaders who act in favor of environmental and social justice.She is also co -founder of the Singa NGO, which creates a link between the projects carried out by citizens on asylum and migration themes and entrepreneurs.

Why did the jury choose it?

For his strong commitment rewarded multiple times!

3 - Donia Souad Amamra: reveal the culinary talents of mothers around the world

Alongside Loubna Ksibi, which we find in this ranking, and Youssef Oudahman, she founded in 2016 at 23 years old Meet My Mama whose objective is to discover the recipes of women from all over the world and to favorthe emancipation of women from immigration by forming them.

Why did the jury choose it?

Careful, she knew how to point inequalities by providing suitable solutions and in agreement with her time.

4 - Inès Seddiki: tell the districts differently

Aged 30, Inès wishes to promote social justice and education, at the intersection of basic activism, CSR and politics.With more than 5.000 beneficiaries, Ghett'Up is a network of young people of change who work in the revaluation of the image of neighborhoods with the general public, but especially with their inhabitants themselves.

Why did the jury choose it?

His determination and his career give him the clairvoyance to be able to change the image of the districts.

5 - Maimonatou Mar: a new breath in the home care

Having kept your children can prove to be a real headache, and this is where Maimonatou Mar, Franco-Senegalese social entrepreneur, intervenes.In 2017, when she was 26 years old, she created with her mother Gribouilli, the first professional association of Île-de-France child guards.Their objective: an educational program for newborns and toddlers, support for parenting and secure employment for nannies.In 2020, Maimonatou was chosen to be the new "Obama Leader" and thus integrate a leadership program for European emerging leaders.

Why did the jury choose it?

With a foolproof humility and a need for fundamental commitment, she was chosen for changing the life of parents.

6 - Sarah Zouak: challenging the stories of Muslim women

At just 32, Sarah has the titles of documentary, social entrepreneur and activist director.Behind his efforts, a single goal: the protection of women's rights.In 2016, she launched the Lallab media to make voices heard and defend the rights of Muslim women who are at the heart of sexist, racist and Islamophobic oppressions.

Why did the jury choose it?

Face of French feminism, she struggles to allow each woman to realize herself.

7 - Yann Lotoded: the habit does not make the monk, but he contributes to it

Then aged 21, Yann founded the solidarity tie.His goal: to facilitate the professional integration of job seekers in need, by fighting against discrimination related to appearance.To do this, the association offers them suitable outfit (costume, tailor, shoes, belt and accessories) and advice from human resources specialists.

Why did the jury choose it?

For his commitment to the benefit of people weakened by his fight against discrimination in hiring.

8 - Lucie Basch: Limit food waste

Lucie made a simple observation: a third of the food produced in the world is wasted.Environmental and economic repercussions are enormous, and that is why she founded in 2016 Too Good To Go.With more than 26.000 partner merchants and 10 million users, its application allowing to recover the unsold day has become the benchmark in the fight against waste.

Why did the jury choose it?

For having been food waste his fight.

9 - Léa Moukanas: the united youth against cancer

At only 14 years old, Léa created Aïda, an association whose objective is to improve the daily life of young people in the face of the disease, to support their families and to raise awareness of cancer.Eight years later, the structure, which carries out daily visits to the hospital, accompanies nearly 2.200 patients.

Why did the jury choose it?

For having created the first and only a medical association with a medical vocation, administered by and for young people.

10 - Julie Chapon: its application helps to eat healthy

34 years old, Julie is the co -founder of Yuka.This application allows consumers to assess the quality of a product and its potential dangerousness.The concept is simple: just scan a food or cosmetic product to visualize what it contains, and whether its composition is deemed good or not.A tool already downloaded 25 million times!

Why did the jury choose it?

Thanks to it, our eating habits are no longer the same.

11 - Imane Bounouh: "We struggle and climb together"

EXCLUSIF - Classement des 35 leaders responsables et inspirants de moins de 35 ans

Imane Bounouh, 23, created the concept climbs.On his Instagram page followed by some 107.000 subscribers, she distills her advice to flourish and insert professionally as well as good deals intended for students.In 2019, she had launched an account on the social network to share basic cooking recipes, to do without oven or blender, and at low prices.

Why did the jury choose it?

It acts in a concrete and direct manner with students and young people!

12 - Loubna Ksibi: reveal the talents of disadvantaged people

Loubna Ksibi is 28 years old.His passion: help others.She co -bonds Meet My Mama in 2016, and launched the following year Startup suburb, whose objective is to make entrepreneurship for suburban youth accessible.The young shoot organizes notably weekends to move from the idea to the realization of a business, masterclass to better understand entrepreneurship thanks to the advice of experienced entrepreneurs and meetings of meetings with experts.

Why did the jury choose it?

For its double social commitment, which reveals the talents of the neighborhoods with suburban startup but also that of women with Meet My Mama!

13 - Flora Vidal Marron: "Removing the social ties"

Flora Vidal Marron, 29, notes a real lack of interactions between exiled and local people.In 2015, she founded Weavers France, an association to promote links between them.On the program: meetings around know-how (sewing, cooking, etc.) and support to facilitate their return to work.

Why did the jury choose it?

For its creation of an association with strong values: benevolence, commitment, determination and daring!

14- Youssouf Fofana: How to build prosperous African nations?

Youssouf Fofana, 30 ans, est créateur de Maison Château Rouge, marque de vêtements qui célèbre le quartier du même nom, dans le 18e arrondissement de Paris.It is part of a broader social project called "migratory birds", which aims to create a collaborative place organized around communities.

Why did the jury choose it?

For its participation in the implementation of a positive platform allowing everyone to take part in the development of local entrepreneurial initiatives in Africa!

15 - Marine Mandrila: "Cuisine allows you to go beyond the statutes, to discover the world of the other"

At 33, she was president of Refugee Food, a culinary and united project that she created in 2016.Its objective: to evolve the eyes on refugee people, to accelerate the professional integration of these in the restoration and to encourage a sustainable and diversified diet.The project, which was initially summed up at a culinary festival, diversified with the opening of a restaurant with refugee cooks, training programs, a catering service by refugee cooks ...

Why did the jury choose it?

For helping the training and enhancement of refugee people!

16- Moussa Camara: "Transform your ambitions into possibilities"

Moussa Camara, 34, wishes to promote entrepreneurship in the suburbs and in rural areas.To do this, he created in January 2015 the free support program "The determined".Until now, 500 carriers have been accompanied, including 60 % women.

Why did the jury choose it?

For his commitment for more than 14 years in community life and entrepreneurship, serving the residents of suburbs and rural environments!

17 - Dipty Chander: Ensemble for diversity in digital

At 27, the developer Dipty Chander presides over the E-MMA association.Present in France, Spain, Albania and Belgium, this organization promotes the diversity of genres in tech, a sector that remains rather male.

Why did the jury choose it?

To improve the representativeness of women in the computer environment.

18 - Tara Heuzé -Sarmini: the fight for new rules

At 21, Tara Heuzé Sarmini launches Elementary Rules, the first French association for combating menstrual precariousness and the taboo of the rules.This collects intimate hygiene products for women in need.Since the creation of the association, more than 130.000 women benefited from their aid.

Why did the jury choose it?

It has managed to make France aware of the challenges of menstrual precariousness.

19 - Eva Sadoun: Savings is to vote for the world you dream

She has an ambition: "Democratize sustainable finance.»Objective that the young thirties realized in November 2020 with the launch of Rift, the first application which makes it possible to follow the social and ecological impact of its savings.Added to this is her commitment to movements she co-chases: the Impact France movement, the "Medef Green and Social" for committed entrepreneurs, and Tech for Good France.

Why did the jury choose it?

Eva Sadoun has made it possible to create bridges between worlds at first glance, everything opposes, namely finance and solidarity.

20 - Hugo Clément, journalism engaged for the preservation of nature

32 years on the clock and nearly 3 million subscribers on the networks.Hugo Clément is the popular connected face of the battle for the environment.Passed by the Petit Journal (Canal+), Quotidien (TMC) and the Konbini site, the militant journalist now travels the globe for the documentary program on the front, on France 5.Author of "how I stopped eating animals", he now advances the cause of ecology by giving the floor to militants in the field, to the point of becoming their best ally.

Why did the jury choose it?

For its active participation in animal welfare.

21 -Timothy Mevel: the second life of your products

Co -founded in 2016 by Timothée Mevel, a militant fierce in the circular economy, the Zack company is now the French leader in the management of second -hand electronic products.It is 800 tonnes of electronic products saved from the discharge since its creation and 30 direct and indirect jobs created in France, just that!

Why did the jury choose it?

Visionary and committed, he militates for a company which repairs.

22 - Thomas Bournac: first digital operator of health transport

Former professional rugby player, Thomas Bournac co -founded in 2018 AMBLER which digitizes health transport for more efficiency, reliability and traceability.The platform connects health establishments and health transport professionals in order to optimize the organization of so-called “non-urgent” transport.

Why did the jury choose it?

It makes accessible to everyone in a simple and intuitive way access to an important health service.

23- Maxime Loubar: "Human, it's the only title that defines me"

Maxime Loubar, 26, is managing director and co-founder of Wyes: When Your Eyes Speak, a committed start-up that develops a pair of connected glasses to restore the ability to communicate to paralyzed people.Inspired by her grandmother who had Charcot's disease, this technology is now rewarded with many awards.

Why did the jury choose it?

For his commitment to a real improvement in the living conditions of disabled people.

24 - Jason Chemama: "I want to show everyone that a disabled has the right to have desires, dreams and ambition"

Jason Chemaama, 21, is with a engine handicap.To be able to make life easier for people with disabilities passionate about new technologies like him, he created Handieasy in January 2018, a company that sells support arms for mobile phones and tablets.

Why did the jury choose it?

To make your handicap an opportunity and thus promote the autonomy of disabled people!

25 - Nesrine Slaoui: the question of legitimacy

A graduate of Sciences Po Paris, Nesrine Slaoui, 27, comes from a modest family and imposed itself in a few years as one of the most committed journalists of its generation, with a course already rich in experiences: journalist at Canal +,LCI, RMC Info Talk Sport, Loopsider (an independent video media in video) and France Télévisions.She considers that it is difficult to feel legitimate professionally when one comes from an environment like hers."Illegitimate", published in January 2021, recounts his social ascent and his analysis.

Why did the jury choose it?

With a course strewn with obstacles, it shows the difficulty of feeling legitimate in the result of immigration and a modest environment!

26 - Thibaud Hug de Larauze: the (super) reconditioned market

A graduate of the Ieseg School of Management, Thibaud Hug de Larauze is co -founder and CEO of Back Market, a company that sold for smartphones, computers or tablets already used, to limit the overconsumption harmful to the environment and reduce expensesconsumers.

Why did the jury choose it?

Back Market is enjoying phenomenal success until it becomes the best-valued start-up in France!

27 - Louise Aubery: "Help women take power from their lives"

Louise Aubery, 24 ans, est fondatrice & CEO de Je ne sais quoi, une marque de sous-vêtements éthique et inclusive, et est créatrice de la plateforme MyBetterSelf, présente notamment sur Instagram et YouTube.She denounces sexist words, the displaced remarks of our daily those around every day and encourages body positivism.

Why did the jury choose it?

For its strong commitment to promote the well-being of women!

28 - Djigui Diarra: a lover of committed cinema

Djigui Diarra, 26, is a committed director.He has produced several short films, including "in spite of themselves", which recounts relations between the police and the suburban young people, for which he was rewarded with ten awards.His passion comes from his childhood, taken in a gear of violence in Grigny La Grande Borne, one of the most disadvantaged suburbs in the Paris region.

Why did the jury choose it?

For having broken the fate which was predestined to him and then highlighted the situation in the working -class neighborhoods.

29- Alexandre Durand: the helping hand that creates a link

Alexandre Durand, 30, is a co-founder of Graapz, a start-up that offers to resell at low prices the unsold fruits and vegetables of local shops.He then co -bonded Allo Louis, a platform which puts in touch retired and students so that they give helping hand against remuneration.

Why did the jury choose it?

For the intergenerational link that it promotes.

30 - Sandra Rey: Change the way in which light is produced and consumed.

Sandra Rey founded in June 2014 GULWEE, a company that offers a new way of lighting up: bioluminescence, that is to say the production and emission of light by certain living organizations such as fireflies or lines but also more than 80 %marine organizations.Objective: to offer an alternative to artificial light and reduce the environmental impact of light.

Why did the jury choose it?

For his light idea, respectful of the environment!

31 - Omar Didi, Mag Jeunes LGBT +: The inclusion and representation of young LGBT +

Since 2019, Omar Didi, 25, has been president of Mag Jeunes LGBT + (Affirmation movement for young gays, lesbians, Bi and trans).This association created in 1985 wants to break the isolation of these young people and offers convivial, cultural and militant activities intended for 15-30 year olds.It also fights against lgbtphobia and offers weekly permanence.

Why did the jury choose it?

For his commitment to the inclusion and representation of young LGBT + in society.

32 - Latifa Oulkhouir: tell France about ethnic diversity

Latifa Oulkhouir, 32, a lawyer by training, has been director of the Bondy Blog since 2019, an online media born at the time of the urban revolts of November 2005 to give voice to residents of working -class neighborhoods.The editorial staff, open to all, is made up of around twenty reporters, not all professional journalists, but in training, looking for a job, at the start of their professional career, retirement ... Media education is the otherVocation of Bondy Blog.How ?Since 2007, he has organized Masterclass in his premises led by media professionals.

Why did the jury choose it?

For having made young people residing in priority neighborhoods in the media by giving them the floor!

33- Souad Boutegrabet: Developing the power to act of women in neighborhoods

Souad Boutegrabet, 35, offers women from priority neighborhoods to train in the code thanks to the Descodeuses association that it founded in 2018. Celle-ci est implantée dans le quartier Belleville-Amandiers, dans le XXe arrondissement de Paris, un quartier populaire où « 49 % des femmes sont en recherche d'emploi, mais où seulement 8 % se tournent vers les opportunités numériques », précise la fondatrice.The objective is therefore to promote the access of women in neighborhoods, dropouts school or in professional retraining, to the web professions.

Why did the jury choose it?

For its action in favor of the employability of women thanks to Descodeuses, which received the Trophy of the Social and Solidarity Economy by the City of Paris in 2019.

34 - Chloé RIDEL: Choose, elect, decide with judgment ...

Chloé Ridel is deputy director of the Rousseau Institute, laboratory of ideas for ecological and republican reconstruction, but also president to better vote since 2018, an association which acts to make known the majority judgment, a method of voting by values.Voters are expressed on all candidates with a mention (ex.Very well, well, medium, weak, very low, refused) and the most deserving is determined by a median of these results, rather than a average.This can be applied for many contexts: restaurant choice, winner of a concert ...

Why did the jury choose it?

For the new way of voting that the association offers us!

35 - Adrien Nougaret: the charitable video game marathon

Streamer Adrien Nougaret, Aka Zerator, is the organizer of the Z Event, organized each year for a charity on Twitch.This three -day marathon brings together French -speaking streamers with the aim of collecting donations donated to an association.In 2021, the event collected 10 million euros in favor of action against hunger, double what had been collected the previous year for Amnesty International.

Why did the jury choose it?

Zerator manages to mobilize millions of spectators to support associations that are important to him.

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A jury...Managers from the associative world, social and solidarity entrepreneurship and the company - sheds, noted and classified 35 inspiring leaders aged 35 years at most (on an initial list of 46 names).Were retained three criteria (5 points each):

- defends “positive” causes or projects (ecologically, socially, economically and ethically) in its work environment;

- defends positive causes in his personal environment;

- is an inspiring leader capable of federating energies around her, of him.

… Of 10 members:

-Jacques Attali, founder of Positive Planet.

-Claudia Ruzza, Chairman of the Management Board of Positive Planet.

-Geraldine Plnier, Director General of Positive Planet France.

-Saïd Hammouche, founding president of the Mozaïk Foundation.

-Stelle Barthélemy, founder Oya Agency, co -founder of Mozaïk HR.

-Karim Driouche, entrepreneur in Marseille in the medical sector.

-Aïda Touihri, producer and TV host.

-Marc Renard, CEO of Orange Digital Investment.

-Sophie Pouget, general delegate of the Raja Foundation.

-Axel Rebaudières, CEO of KPMG France.