Frédéric Giroir (Allibert): "The recovery is not done without adaptation"

Directly impacted by the health crisis, travel agencies have sometimes had to reinvent themselves and take up many challenges to deal.Series of interviews, with seventh testimony that of Frédéric Giroir, director of Allibert Trekking.

What is the situation of the company today?

At the start of the summer of 2021, 16 months after the start of the crisis, the revival is very clear.The vaccination and the reopening of many borders again allow you to travel, to the delight of all.Demand is very strong for trips to France and Europe and the teams are again in place to ensure the organization of trips despite the additional logistical difficulties still present.

The possibilities of long -haul travel still remain limited, with the consequences with a significant shortfall for the company.We cannot therefore speak of return to normal yet but patience and resilience let us hope for the best in the medium term.

How do you see the recovery?

The recovery is not done without adaptation.At all actors, from the local guide to travel advisers, including cooks or air teams, the crisis has turned organizations but also the spirits.

Frédéric Giroir (Allibert) : «  la reprise ne se fait pas sans adaptation »

Each and everyone has "accustomed" to the exceptional situation which lasted and we must now resume a more classic way of working, without losing the acquired novelties: increased reactivity, learning of new professions to be multitasking, autonomy ... on the ground,Local teams, sometimes on other activities, reform according to growing demand, with enthusiasm!

Will adventure tourism change?

The crisis questioned the tourist model of course.But it was already and the rest by the climate crisis.And on this subject, Allibert Trekking remains aware of the challenges and pioneers of actions, as since its beginnings.The best example of this responsibility is 100% absorption of carbon emissions from all our trips.We remain convinced of the benefits of discovery of other places and other cultures and continue to work to improve each of our actions to reduce the impact and thus be able to continue to travel with respect for the environment and men.

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