Damn your car this winter with the Michelin Lifestyle range

Qui ne se dit pas arrivé l’hiver : « Avec le mauvais temps, point n’est utile de laver la voiture, de toute façon il va pleuvoir… ». Et pour cause, sur nos belles routes de l’hexagone, il va y avoir de la boue, de la neige et pire encore du sel de déneigement. Autant d’éléments qui avouons le n’incitent pas vraiment à consacrer du temps pour nettoyer son véhicule. Et pourtant ! Chouchoutez votre auto cet hiver avec la gamme Michelin Lifestyle Chouchoutez votre auto cet hiver avec la gamme Michelin Lifestyle

Neglecting the maintenance of his car in winter is a terrible error.Indeed, you are not without knowing that the insects that you are not going to withdraw will attack the varnish of your painting, that the snow removal salt will not do better and that road movie stuck to your car will end in a wayor another on your clothes.

Therefore, bad weather should not prevent you from taking care of your car.

So to put a little balm in the heart, our editorial team has selected for you some car care products from the Michelin Lifestyle range which should save you precious time in the maintenance of your vehicle.

"A coat for winter" with the LustrantMichin shampoo:

During the winter, it is strongly advised to use a lustrating shampoo to wash the body of your car, our choice therefore naturally oriented towards the Lustrant Michelin Expert shampoo.

First of all, because the lustrating shampoos offer good protection against the sun and the aging of the varnish and above all a water -repellent effect on the body, essential to cross the dying seasons.

And for good reason, the agents lustrating shampoo will form a layer of several microns which will avoid direct contact between pollutants and varnish.

In the form of a bottle with a capacity of 500 ml, the Lustrant Michelin Expert shampoo is suitable for all types of paintings.In addition, this shampoo leaves no traces after rinsing and restores the paint for long -term action.

If our editorial team atoujours advocated for handwashing by hand of a car, it must be recognized that in this winter period, it is not always easy to dive a seal of water with external temperatures close to negatives…

Chouchoutez votre auto cet hiver avec la gamme Michelin Lifestyle

So to keep the hands warm, at least dry, we put to the test the brand new Michelin Lifestyle washing brush.


For dirt, broom!

Or should I say the Michelin Life Style cleaning brush, because if hand washing brings an impeccable result compared to cleaning in an automatic washing station, it is also more economical in the long term.

Real asset of this Michelin cleaning brush, the telescopic handle allows you to adjust the length of the brush according to the areas to be treated.And it must be recognized, which washing brush offers very beautiful ergonomics thanks to the different grip zones on the handle.

It is therefore in the best conditions that we were able to clean up our vehicle.More effective than an ordinary shampoo, this Michelin shiny shampoo allows not only dirt, but also insects, fat, exhausts as well as different traces of pollution.

Chronometer in hand, it took us barely 10 minutes brush in hand to shampoo in the smallest detail our bodywork.

Practical, the telescopic handle of the brush is adjustable as you wish, which provides real comfort of use compared to a sponge or a washing glove.The rocker panels are thus cleaned without difficulty and with disconcerting ease, a very good point!

Finally, the rinse opening valve located on the end of the handle, allows a rinse as practical as it is effective.


The cleaning of the rims requires particular and regular care.In addition, this cleaning operation eliminates deposits of brake, salt and other dirt dust that can damage your equipment.

Therefore, do not wait for your rims to be too dirty or too dirty to offer them washing, because the more you wait and the more the tasks will be difficult, see impossible to withdraw.

However, to avoid damaging the rims, it is preferable to clean them with a non-abrasive product and by the appropriately suitable.

The new Michelin Lifestyle rims is looming as a powerful cleanser adapted to all rims finishes.


Very easy to use, just spray the product on the rims and let the product act for a few minutes before rinsing.

In use, the Michelin rims cleaner effectively cleanses the different traces of dirt on our rims which have found a perfect shine.

There remains a small point of detail to settle when the cold arrives with its string of inconvenience, especially when you discover early morning by approaching your vehicle that the windshield is completely frosted.

Presented in the form of a 300 ml aerosol or 500 ml, the devigator Michelin Lifestyle is the essential accessory to have in his winter in winter.

From a use that could not be more simple, it is enough to vaporize the devigrant Michelin Lifestyle uniformly on the entire windshield, then to let the product act for a few seconds to see the ice cream disappear as if by.

Note, that this defrosting product leaves no greasy film on glass surfaces, as it is often the Caswer most of the traditional defrosts sold in the trade, a very good point!

Finally to take the road this winter safely, we decided to use the winter windshield washer -20 ° C Michelin.

The filling of the lava tank of our vehicle was made very safely thanks to the design of the spout, finally a product that does not fall next!

In use, the Michelinnous winter ice cream brought complete satisfaction, both by its ease during supplies and by its effectiveness in cleaning the windy even in very cold.

In addition, the product eliminates the different dirts with each use of the windshield washer.


The new Michelin cleaning brush brings real comfort of use and will save you considerable time when cleaning the vehicle with your hands dry.

The range of Michelin Lifestyle cleaning products offers the particularity of being very complete and very easy to use.In addition, the products are perfectly readable and the packaging benefit from a nice look.You will therefore no longer have any excuses to no longer take care of your car during the winter.

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