Pride 2019: How do you know if a brand is gay-friendly or pinkwashing?

FASHION - Nike socks. Adidas soles. Ralph Lauren polo shirts. And even the eternal IKEA shopping bag. All this in the colors of the rainbow. There is no doubt, we are in the middle of Pride month. The opportunity for almost all brands to draw their collection of clothing and accessories in the colors of the LGBT flag.

Often touted as a form of community support, these limited-edition product lines are regularly the target of criticism. The brands that market them are criticized for being hypocritical with regard to the cause and for "redeeming a 'LGBT-friendly' conscience when they are not", explains Flora Bolter, co-director of the LGBT + Observatory. of the Jean Jaurès Foundation, at HuffPost.

Pride 2019: How to know if a mark is gay-friendly or pinkwashing?

This phenomenon has a name. This is called “pinkwashing”. This is what the Calvin Klein company was recently accused of. In question, his latest advertising campaign. Unveiled for Pride Month, we see model Bella Hadid and virtual influencer Lil Miquela kissing.

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