Caroline Rey and Amélie Delacour, 28, have been roommates and best friends for six years, both from the world of advertising and communication.They dream of creating their own clothing brand.

Martin and Robinson Roy are brothers and have always had a passion for food.At 29 and 26 years old, they decided to leave Paris to return to Aix-en-Provence, their hometown, in order to continue their dream: to open their own restaurant.

Start tells of their stories, day by day.


Slate's opinion audiocomment do we know that an idea deserves that we plague everything to create a business?Should we imperatively have done business studies to get started in entrepreneurship?And where to find money to mount a box?So many questions to which begin provides answers.In this documentary in three seasons of ten episodes each, journalists of new listenings follow two very different entrepreneurial adventures: the launch of a brand of female tailors (which occupies the first two seasons, exciting) and the reopening of a restaurant(told in season 3, less exciting and shortened by the COVVI-19 crisis).Result: start reveals behind the scenes of entrepreneurship, the truth of doubts and pitfalls encountered by entrepreneurs, far from the success stories proudly in franglais on LinkedIn.What change your look at the question and give concrete keys to those who will get started to set up their business.