Zara: Top 5 novelties to renew your basics in the spring!

The basics, we can never have enough. Thus, Zara proves to us once again that we need certain pieces. The ready-to-wear giant highlights its most beautiful pieces for spring. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Stock up on basics as spring approaches

There are about 2 months left before the start of spring. We will then say goodbye, or rather see you next year, to long parkas and furry down jackets.

This, for slightly lighter clothes, without however revealing too much. Indeed, it is in May that we put what we like, is not it?

Which doesn't mean that we won't be able to find a shoe that suits us before summer. On the contrary, as evidenced by the basics of the firm.

For this new coming season, Zara therefore wanted to work twice as hard. This, to encourage us, once again, to put on our most beautiful basics.

That being the case, some and some must be short of clothes. By dint of buying exceptional pieces, our tank tops, pants and crop tops may no longer do the trick.

Thus, Zara would like us to invest a little money in certain essential pieces. Pieces highlighted for its spring collection.

A good way to start the season, with clothes that perfectly match the coming season. Once again, it looks like the Inditex firm was right.

For our greatest pleasure, the brand will therefore highlight certain pieces that will become essential. Like long-sleeved tops, tailored pants, and more.

The Spanish site Vanitatis has already selected the 5 trendy pieces that will be part of the basics to have in your closets in the spring...

Zara: 5 pieces to shop to be up to date before spring

Thus, Zara encourages us to stock up on clothes before the arrival of sunny days. Indeed, it is better to have beautiful assets in your wardrobe at the right time.

Starting with the skirts, which will begin to come back little by little, as time permits. Or provided you have warm tights!

Also, long skirts can already invite themselves into our closets. Like this olive skirt offered by the brand of the Inditex group, at 36 euros!

Another key element to add to your wardrobe: a quilted jacket. A little lighter than padded jackets, this one is perfect for between seasons.

A down jacket that does not cost very much in short, since Zara offers it at only 40 euros. Isn't it beautiful?

If you want to be up to date with your dresses, why not opt ​​for a striped dress with a somewhat unstructured style?

This is precisely what the competing brand of H&M offers. A 60 euro dress, which we better add to our wardrobe too.

The V-neck will also be in the spotlight, with a jersey piece that hits the mark at only 30 euros. Finally, on the pants side, the suit could once again be brought up to date!