COVID-19 in Sarthe.Le Mans hospital hardens the rules for visits

The Le Mans Hospital (Sarthe) restricts visits due to the progression of the COVVI-19 epidemic in Sarthe.

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Due to the progression of the COVVI-19 epidemic in Sarthe, the Le Mans hospital has decided to restrict visits to patients.

As a reminder, the establishment has activated its white plan since the end of November.

More visits to certain services

Visits are totally prohibited in medical, surgery, follow -up and rehabilitation services as well as at the woman/mother/child center.

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Only exceptions: medical prescriptions in certain situations (birth, end of life or other particular situation).If a visit is authorized, it will be under conditions: it will be necessary to come between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., a maximum visitor is authorized for each patient (2 visitors each 24h in the event of a life of life).

The rules to be observed for visits:

To be able to visit a patient, you should not have any symptoms of the COVID-19, or to have been in contact with a person affected by COVID-19 in the previous 7 days.Respect for barriers and wearing the mask is essential as well as physical distancing.It is asked to stay in the patient's room for the duration of the visit.

Covid-19 en Sarthe. L'hôpital du Mans durcit les règles pour les visites

It is not recommended to come for minor visitors (authorized only if wearing the mask permanently).

And on an outpatient?

In ambulatory hospital units and in consultation units, no support is authorized unless the situation is linked to the patient care or autonomy.

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For future mothers, support is authorized for pregnancy follow -ups.

Authorized visits to accommodation services

In accommodation services (USLD-EHPAD), visits remain authorized.On the Le Mans site, it is possible to visit every day between 1:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. with 2 people maximum for each visit.

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On the Allonnes site, visits are authorized every day between 1:30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. by appointment.They will take place in a box on the ground floor.Again, visitors will have to be two at most.Chamber visits can be accepted only on the doctor's agreement.

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