Dinan: With Walter, the cap is back in fashion

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Walter d'Alterio is not a stranger in Dinan since he holds the Patrick and James store (Saint-James and Irish clothes), rue de la Poissonnerie, for 19 years, with his wife.But he wanted to have his own shop, fitted out in his tastes, sticking with his personality.

He therefore resumed the premises of the old seaweed shop, at 9, almost opposite and since November 30, has opened his chapelie.The first in Dinan for many years.

Especially the cap

The hat, without having really disappeared, takes the hair of the beast.

It is above all the caps that are enthroned, in dozens, in his shop.The Hatter supplies in Italy and Ireland.Formerly worn by the working world, they today attract all social categories.And all generations!

The cap can become a real subject of conversation:

Dinan : avec Walter, la casquette revient à la mode

"There are all materials, in wool, leather, in various fabrics, with infinity of colors.It is worn with any habit, even jeans, but you can also try to be in clothing harmony.Besides, I notice a concern to dress well that comes back to young people after a period a little too much 'tracksuit' for my taste, "notes Walter d'Alterio, elegantly dressed in a costume overcoming a vest from where s'escapes a striped shirt.It does not mismatched in this hat universe from which still emerge some coated cotton jackets.

A practical side

Well, the hats are not just a fashion accessory that adds "a personal touch, a little chic thing without being ostentatious" ‘to those who wear them.It is also very useful, recalls the merchant, to protect himself from rain, cold and sun.But the cap is not ... multicasquette.

It is good to have one for the winter and another for the lighter summer, in linen or cotton, to protect yourself from the sun.Besides, some indicate their UV index.In these times of global warming, it will not be incongruous!

As for carrying it, it would seem that putting backwards, runnerly, is a bit of fashion.

The portraits of many actors who have worn the hat, punctuating the shop demonstrate in any case that a headgear is classy!Sean Connery, Cillian Murphy (Pinky Blinders), Delon and Belmondo (in Borsalino) and even Romy Schneider, are there to remind him.

1st price of a cap: 51 €.

At Walter, 9, rue de la Poissonnerie, Dinan, Tuesday to Saturday included, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m..Open Sunday and Monday mornings, during this party period.02 56 38 51 66.

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