"Even Trump did not dare to silence Anthony Fauci!", Strangles Bertrand Kiefer

- While the National Economy Committee wants to ban the Task Force Cavid from speaking publicly in the future, the doctor and editor -in -chief of the Swiss medical journal Bertrand Kiefer insurgled Tuesday in the 19:30 of the 19:30attempts to muzzle scientific speech."I find it worrying that our parliament is there, really.Even Trump did not dare to silence Anthony Fauci, "he said.

- Confederation is considering making COVVI-19 tests free in companies.Their access will be facilitated, assured Alain Berset on Tuesday during a visit to Zurich Airport.Just like for testing yourself at home.

- The epidemiological situation remains "uncertain" because of the new variants of the more contagious virus, underlined the Federal Office of Public Health (FOSP) on Tuesday during a press point.

- The canton of Vaud again deploys large -scale and free screening tests during a European Freestyle Cup in Leysin, from March 6 to 12.The experience had proven to be positive during mass tests in February.

- Tuesday, Switzerland has 1130 additional coronavirus cases in 24 hours, according to FOIP figures.Sixteen additional deaths are to be deplored and 57 patients have been hospitalized.

- The OFSP always recommends keeping a distance of 1.5 meters with people who are not of the same household, to wear a mask in the event that this distance cannot be maintained and to respect the hygiene rules.

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