Kiss confines himself and confides: "The only way is a bit of solitude" - Rolling Stone

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley de Kiss came home with a clear message, inviting fans to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. «We will get out of it »

Kiss was a few months away from the launching of the Defection End of the Road tour, but the coronavirus forces them to slightly change their plans. Lundi, ils ont décidé d’annuler leurs meet & greet, lors desquels ils partaient à la rencontre des fans pour prendre des photos, discuter un peu.Towards the end of the week, they decided to postpone the last three dates of the North American stage of their tour "by excess of prudence" for the month of October.

The trek should resume in El Salvador at the end of April (another North American tour begins in August) and by then, the members of the group enjoy a little time at home.Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley contacted our American colleagues from Rolling Stone to tell them how they spent their free time ... And above all to explain how seriously you have to take the coronavirus!

Rolling Stone: What do you do with your time at home?

Kiss se confine et se confie :

Gene Simmons: I stay at home with my wife Shannon [Tweed].Sometimes my children, Nick and Sophie, come with food.Otherwise, we hike in the mountains of Santa Monica, where there are few people.And, of course, this is an opportunity to watch all kinds of shows that we normally have the opportunity to see.

Paul Stanley: I look at the news, I play the guitar, I refine the mixes of the album of Soul Station, I take news of my friends and I try to make things remain normal and fun for myfamily.

Rolling Stone: To which music do you turn in times of crisis?

Simmons: I mainly turn to the music that goes straight to the heart: "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, "I can’t stop loving you" by Ray Charles.Tips like that.

Stanley: I listened to a lot of Motown and Soul from Philadelphia-Thom Bell and Linda Creed, Gamble and Huff, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Norman Whitfield-and classical rock.

Rolling Stone: What do you want to say to Kiss fans?

Stanley: Be as safe as possible, for your property and that of all those around you.Now is not the time to be casual or to make judgments without reservation.We will get out of it.

Simmons: I would like to wish everyone good health and remember that the only way to get out of it is a bit of solitude.Just like in your favorite series, you can tell yourself that everyone turns into a zombie.And that a single contact with the outside world will transform you.Stop hanging out with everyone.Stay at home, if you can.It will pass, it will take a long time.It could last for months and months.Use yourself in frontTime, watch your favorite shows, exercise at home.And stay away from others.