Smic, pensions, plastic packaging…: what changes on January 1, 2022

Smic, pensions, plastic packaging…: what changes on January 1, 2022

January 2022 is accompanied by its share of new products.From the revaluation of the minimum wage to the price of the stamp, including a new part of 2 euros or free contraception for those under 25, several modifications are on the agenda.Overview.

Purchasing power

First novelty for the new year: a revaluation of the minimum wage.Under the effect of inflation, the legal minimum wage will increase in January by 0.9 %.It will drop from 10.48 to 10.57 euros gross an hour.He will reach 1.603 euros per month on the basis of 35 hours weekly, or 14 euros more (1.269 euros net).

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Retirement pensions will also be revalued, up to 1.1 %, below inflation.This revaluation will concern all basic pensions with the exception of those of lawyers.It will apply to pensions of retirees from the private sector, the public service, special regimes and independents.

The doubling of the daily ceiling of restaurant tickets when used in restaurants is also extended until February 28, 2022.It remains at 38 euros, instead of 19 previously.


In order to take into account the effects of inflation, the sections of the income tax scale will be upgraded by 1.4 %.The scale of the neutral rate (not personalized) for the withholding tax (PAS) will therefore also be upgraded.

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The gradual abolition of the wealthiest household housing tax will continue.In 2022, they will benefit from an exemption of 65 % of their tax.

· Health

Dès le 1er janvier 2022, la prise en charge intégrale des frais liés à la contraception, concernera toutes les femmes jusqu'à l'âge de 25 ans.So far, this care only concerned minors.Certain contraception devices are excluded, such as male and female condoms.

In January, the maximum award for the specific aid of the disability compensation service (PCH) will be increased to 10 years.They were so far subject to variable durations from 3.5 years to 10 years.Furthermore, when the handicap is not likely to improve, the PCH is assigned without limitation of duration.

Furthermore, the "remains at the expense" for the emergency room passages not followed by hospitalization will no longer be calculated according to the "moderator ticket" of 20 %, but on the basis of a new "emergency patient package" fixed to19.61 euros and also reimbursed by complementary health.The amount will be "reduced" at 8.51 euros for certain audiences such as chronic patients (ALD) and others will remain exempt, such as pregnant women.

· Culture

SMIC, retraites, emballages plastiques… : ce qui change au 1er janvier 2022

Cinema places, exhibitions, music instruments ... The "culture pass" is extended to young people aged 15 to 17.In detail, young people aged 15 will receive a credit of 20 euros, while young people aged 16 and 17 will benefit from a credit of 30 euros.


A new automotive penalty scale comes into force for new vehicles registered from January 1.It will apply from 128 grams of CO2/km (instead of 133 grams of CO2/km) with, for this level of pollution, a taxation of 50 euros.He will then go up to reach 40.000 euros for a level above 223 grams of CO2/km.The amount of the penalty will not exceed 50 % of the price including tax of the vehicle.In addition, a new "weight penalty" will concern new vehicles weighing more than 1.8 tonnes, 10 euros per kilogram.

· Consumption

The government is also attacking plastic.The packaging of certain fruits and vegetables will be prohibited, in the same way as plastic toys offered in children's menus or plastic packaging for the delivery of newspapers.Establishments open to the public will have an obligation to allow access to a drinking water point.

The legal compliance guarantee for used products is extended by 6 months.From now on, a lack of conformity that appeared within 12 months on a second -hand product is presumed to exist at the time of purchase, unless proven otherwise.

Stores have the obligation to take back used furniture, dangerous products empty or full (paintings, glues and cleaning products with risk substances) and combustible gas cartridges from customers) and.

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The "Triman" logo will be deployed on all products.Its presence means that waste is subject to a sorting rule: resumption in stores for electrical and electronic equipment, specific terminals for batteries, yellow trash for packaging ... It must be accompanied by a clean sorting setpoint.

The elimination of unsuccessful non -food is prohibited.This prohibition concerns in particular clothing, furniture or electronic products ... are also concerned with hygiene and childcare products, awakening and leisure products, school books and supplies, conservation and cooking equipment.Companies must now give or recycle their unsold products.

Marketplaces (marketplaces) are now responsible.They must ensure that manufacturers are well funding eco-organizations responsible for managing the end of life of their product categories.The customer must be informed of greenhouse gas emissions linked to his internet and mobile consumptions.Internet access providers and mobile operators must communicate to their subscribers the greenhouse gas emissions linked to their consumption.

· Real estate

The month of January 2022 is also marked by a series of measures on housing and building.A new public service, called France Renov ', is launched by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.Its purpose is to support households wishing to carry out energy renovation work in their accommodation.

New environmental regulations also come into force.The "RE2020" replaces the current thermal regulations, the RT2012.It strengthens energy performance requirements, summer comfort and introduces requirements relating to the carbon impact of construction.

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In addition, the “Affordable Renting” system allows owners to rent their uncomfortable accommodation at an affordable rent level benefiting from a tax benefit on rental income.Tenant's resources must not exceed a certain threshold.The latter is defined in particular according to the composition of the household.The lease is six or nine years.

Users will also be able to choose to submit to electronic means their building permit and more broadly their request for urban planning authorization.To support the municipalities, the State deploys, with elected associations (AMF and ADCF), a digital program for the application of soil law.

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From January, professional trustees must give the co -owners a standardized information sheet on the price and the services they offer.The surety system is redefined.He redefines him as being "the contract by which a deposit is obliged to the creditor to pay the debtor's debt in the event of his failure".The surety deed can also be signed online.

Finally, from January 1, 2022, the conditions for granting real estate credits evolve.Thus, a credit will no longer be able to exceed 25 years.The borrower's debt rate will not exceed 35 % against 33 % before.He must also include the cost of borrower insurance.

· Various

Plusieurs autres changements administratifs entrent en vigueur ce 1er décembre.On the occasion of the French Presidency of the European Council a new part of 2 euros will be put into circulation.The oak and the olive tree, symbols of strength and wisdom, will be registered on this new coin.

A partir du 1er janvier, il sera interdit de castrer les porcelets sans anesthésie au nom du bien-être animal.Breeders will be able to continue to practice this operation provided that their buyers require it and if they respect a specific protocol.

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British residents must imperatively be in possession of a residence permit to be able to stay in France.The same goes for their family.The English arrived in France before 2021 benefit from a special status.

In this new year, the price of the stamp will increase by 4.7 % on average on January 1, 2022.In detail, the price of the green stamp goes from € 1.08 to € 1.16;and the price of the red stamp from € 1.28 to € 1.43.