Seine et Marne.The extracurricular animators of Moissy-Cramayel do not want to be forgotten

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Last Tuesday, extracurricular receptions were closed, morning, noon and evening, in 5 schools in the city, two were only active in the morning and evening, and only one school offered the usual reception.Wednesday, it was also the turn of leisure centers to stay closed.And for good reason !In the wake of the national strike, extracurricular animators, these staff who welcome children morning, noon and evening, in schools and leisure centers, argued their right to strike to develop their situation.

Of the 140 extracurricular staff in the city of Moissy-Cramayel, more than fifty ended up in front of the town hall of Moissy on Tuesday afternoon, to make his claims heard.Received in town hall the previous week, the animators still wanted to join the national movement to mark the occasion.

Seine-et-Marne. Les animateurs périscolaires de Moissy-Cramayel ne veulent pas être oubliés

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"At least, here, the town hall has opened the dialogue and received us," explains Emilie, who has been working in animation for 22 years, including the last 17 years in Moissy-Cramayel.We are grateful to them, it allowed us to discuss our problems and see what could be done.They clearly explained to us what they could do or not at their level, everything is obviously a question of budget.There, we want our problems to be taken into account also and especially at the national level ...

Revaluation of wage grids, creation of a job framework in category A for career developments, thaw of the index point, support for professional diplomas, greater supervision rate, there are some of claimsof these animators, who have had to deal, in recent years, with the sometimes complicated protocols of national education.

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