Vivienne Westwood attacks "fast fashion"

While London Fashion Week is in full swing, for Vivienne Westwood "People have never been so badly dressed as today".Fashionable fault, which would be the victim of our consumer society.According to Vivienne Westwood, only people aged 60 to 75 would be better dressed than others, new generations consuming clothes like "fast food".

Interviewed by journalists at the end of her show, Vivienne Westwood did not hide her anger: "Everyone seems to be a clone, the only people you notice are my age.I do not notice anyone unless he looks great, and when this is the case, they are generally 70 years.We are so conformist.We have been trained to be consumers and we all consume too much, ”said the designer.

The new generation victim of major brands

Vivienne Westwood attaque la

Are young people "badly dressed"?For the stylist, the globalization of fashion, with the opening of large brands like Primark and the creation of clothing lines by supermarkets sold at very low prices, would generate a cloning phenomenon.In addition to criticism of the consumer society in which we live, Vivienne Westwood strongly attacks what she calls "disposable fashion".Indeed, the quantity would now take precedence over quality: a study* showed that over a year, British women buy on average half of their weight in clothing.Thus, women today have 4 times more clothes than in the 80s! While at the time of Vivienne Westwood, we carefully chose a garment whose quality lasted longer and whose aspect corresponded to aClean style revealer personality.

People called into question

Finally, Vivienne Westwood partly puts the fault on the personalities, more and more visible because many publicized, who rarely carry the same outfit several times.

*To die for: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?, Essay published by British journalist Lucy Siegle on the basis of research by the University of Cambridge in 2011.