A C4 with German standards

A C4 with German standards

By changing generation, the C4 turns its back on originality to put on more conventional, but no less attractive clothes.This evolution flows from source as long as we look at the recent Citroën route.Six years ago, the previous C4 was to create a break to dust the brand's image.Today, rafters now uninhibited and installed in a dynamic that has model value need to force the line.This is the whole meaning of this new C4 which works in the footsteps of its big sister C5 by flowing into the molds of the Germans who dictate their law on the market.Under these conditions, it is hardly surprising to perceive, through the features imprisoned from the new C4, a very audi inspiration.Despite an elevated attitude like a crossover, the Sil Houette gives itself the air of Audi A3 Sportback.Interior examination also exudes Germanic quality.The C4 breaks with the typically minivan layout of its predecessor for a more classic atmosphere.Exit the steering wheel with fixed hub and the digital display which tried at the top of the board.In addition to the flattering touch type of plastics, the C4 takes care of well-being on board with a multitude of generous storage, seats with lumbar and massage settings (depending on the finishes), the roof in panoramic glass unfortunately fixes, the personalization of thecolor of the handsets and the sound of the recaller's repeater.Equipment gives way to modernity: line crossing alert, blind spot warning, programmable gear limctor, emergency and geolocation assistance center by geolocation.Lying with 5 centimeters and widened by 2 centimeters, the C4 offers more width to the shoulders at the rear and a loading capacity of 408 liters (+ 30 L).

À découvrir

Consensual and well in its skin, the C4 will leave the daring to the DS4, launched next March.This second proposal will take the place of the coupe, now abandoned.-

Une C4 aux standards allemands

Moteurs : 4 cylindres turbo essence et diesel, 1 598 et 1997 cm 3 , 156 et 150 ch, 240 et 340 Nm de couple.

Transmission : robotisée et manuelle 6 rapports.

Dimensions : L.4.33 m, L.1.78 m, h.1.48 m.

Consommations : 6,3 et 4,9 l/100 km.

Emissions (CO 2 ) : 145 et 127 g/km.

Vitesses : 214 et 207 km/h.

Prix : 24.740 and 26.990 €.

SANS CONCESSION- Des sensations haut de gamme

Two models were entrusted to the test: the THP 155 and the HDI 150.Endowed with a playful sound and character, the first reconciles with petrol engines, provided that the slowness of the piloted box is supported.Diesel shines with its approval, resulting from flexibility and foolproof discretion.The couple of 340 Nm authorizes consistent recovery.Ultimately, there is a remarkable homogeneity from this C4.Pushed soundproofing is accompanied by perfect filtering of the Irregularities of the Chaussée.