Tika, the influencer with fangs and a real bank account

L’histoire a commencé il y a cinq ans, sur les réseaux sociaux, mais pour moi et bien d’autres, c’est en décembre dernier que tout a décollé, avec une vidéo sur Instagram.Tika, l’influenceuse avec des crocs et un vrai compte en banque Tika, l’influenceuse avec des crocs et un vrai compte en banque

Publié le 27 févr. 2021
Marie-Claude LortieLa Presse

We heard a tiny dog, an Italian greyhound, dressed in outfits as funny as they are colorful, worthy of fashion shows, complaining, thanks to the exasperated voice of an American humorist in a sound frame, of having been unable to wear hisfavorite clothes because of the 2020 confinement.

"That, I love it, but I could never wear it," said the dog, decked out in a kind of multicolored false fur coat, then a rainbow outfit, then a setSports type yellow with white stripes, then a burned orange knit sweater decorated with blue pompoms on the feet and ears ...

" That ?Could not put it." " This ?Nope !»»

> Regardez la vidéo de Tika

I had to watch this video 50 times since, laughing with throats deployed each time, video that has been seen 41 million times on Tiktok and more than 25 million times on Instagram so far.

And I am not the only one to have become addicted to the little tika.

His Tika The Iggy - Iggy account is the nickname of Italian leviers in English - has now attracted more than 1 million subscribers on Instagram and even a little more on Tiktok.

And since the famous video, the 9-year-old Montreal dog, feeling of a city-city and canine influencer, is talked about everywhere.Even actress Priyanka Chopra, who has nearly 61 million subscribers on Instagram, called on the one she calls the "fashion magnate", Tika, to ask her advice on her outfits on the eve ofHis promotion tour for his new book.And she made it a hilarious video.And the media around the world have also jumped on the Tika phenomenon, including Vogue, Bible de la Fashion, and the Financial Times.

Tika, l’influenceuse avec des crocs et un vrai compte en banque

The eminent British economic daily devoted an article to him at the start of the week.Because beyond the playful quality of their presence on social networks, "such stars on Instagram, could be read, are carburing the canine clothing market".

And, could we have added, to grow a whole new category of influencers on social networks.


Tika makes promo for jewelry - intended for humans - for Shopify, for Germain hotels, for a TV show (Poch Perfect) and, obviously, for several brands of dog clothes.Certain collaborations take place directly on social networks, where the influencer dog therefore presents products in its publications against remuneration.But Tika also takes photos for traditional advertising campaigns.Recently, for example, she served as a model at the giant Zara.She has an agency in New York, The Dog Agency.

"We help small businesses, we are approached by major brands.Obviously, often by dog products for dogs, ”explains Thomas Shapiro, owner of the little dog, with her husband.

M.Shapiro has a full -time job of website developer in Montreal and does not intend to leave it."I could have resigned a moment ago and earn a living thanks to Tika," he said in an interview."But I don't want to take the risk that all this is no longer fair for fun, that it is not just funny.»»

Thomas Shapiro finds a little funny the fact that, suddenly, the world discovers that there is a fairly nestled market, nevertheless prosperous and developed, around fashion for dogs.

We are talking here about a universe that has nothing to do with grooming and dressage competitions - a world in itself -, but of clothes for all these breeds of dogs that are easily cold, like leviors.

« Sur l’internet, on trouve vraiment toutes sortes de choses»», dit-il.

And at home, there are indeed four large boxes filled with very small outfits of all colors, all styles and cut in all fabrics.


Is it life in the confined world that makes us explore our own daily daily life?By looking for new avenues of fun and discoveries?Is it the evolution of society towards a greater environmental consciousness that make humans put a more respectful look at their pets?As if they felt less and less kings and masters?Is it the market looking for new borders?

In the Financial Times article, it is said that dog clothing sales at John Lewis, a chain of British department stores, increased explosively last year: 420 % with regard to coats and 2200 %which.

And still according to the British newspaper, which quotes the Euromonitor International research firm, the world market for animal products - other than food - which is currently 28 billion US dollars, could climb to 32 billion in 2023.

Even me, who has always looked at the phenomenon with a rather critical eye, I ended up buying small boots at $ 31 for my big poodle this winter.

And when I wanted to buy a second pair of his size, at Canada Pooch, they were out of stock.

It still allowed me to hang around on the site and watch the dog down jackets at $ 71, the calfs at $ 62, the jackets in reflective fabric for the night marches at $ 53, the pompom toques at $ 20 ...

New market, you say?

You can not stop progress.