Zipsnap brightens the daily lives of patients

Zipsnap brightens the daily lives of patients

His auto-enterprise, Zipsnap, is an onomatopoeia of the zipper and the snap button. “Zippers and press studs are key pieces for creating accessories and clothing suitable for patients,” says the designer. Zipsnap égaye le quotidien des malades Zipsnap égaye le quotidien des malades

Juliette Guillot de Suduiraut was a specialized educator, she took care of people with disabilities before creating Zipsnap two years ago.

“One day, I had a click, I was dressing my daughter who was not yet walking and I asked myself: what do parents who have children who will never walk do? explains the young entrepreneur. “It was obvious to me, I started to find out and I tested the prototypes on my daughter”.

The seamstress documents herself, makes prototypes and shares photos of her creations on Facebook to solicit the opinions of other parents. Juliette Guillot de Suduiraut then created a website to market her products. “I work in a workshop set up at home. Thanks to the website, I can reach as many people as possible. Messages and requests poured in immediately.”

In her early days, Juliette Guillot de Suduiraut made patch ostomy, a trademark registered with the National Institute of Intellectual Property (Inpi), her flagship product. It is a revolutionary accessory for patients suffering from gastrostomy. They are fed through a tube directly into the stomach. “Acid liquids damage the skin around the pipe. Thanks to the ostomy patch, made with a special fabric that sucks up these liquids, the skin heals itself,” says the designer. "It's one of my most requested products and one of the first prototypes."

" Quality First "…

Juliette Guillot de Suduiraut offers bodysuits, "I have a lot of requests to make bodysuits above the sizes found on the market", absorbent scarves (to fight against involuntary sweating) and armbands for diabetics "to hide the sensor on their arm". She also makes pouches for insulin pumps.

Zipsnap égaye le quotidien des malades

The young designer now produces a very wide range of accessories and clothing for children, at affordable prices: count 3.80 euros for the ostomy patch and up to 50 euros for pajamas. For 6 months, the young orthozian has also been making patches for people who have had a tracheotomy, on the same principle as patch ostomy.

“For technical materials, I source from France. As for the fabrics, I choose them in Europe. But I prioritize quality above all else. The motives are also important because my main objective is to restore the patient's self-esteem and joy,” says Juliette Guillot de Suduiraut.

All the products offered by Zipsnap can be machine washed (at 30-40° C) and are reusable.

Current projects…

“I have recently been working with Esat Jean-Genèze in Pau. The Esat will produce about 80% of the ostomy patches for me. It was important to me to provide work for people with disabilities. I would then like to further develop this partnership”.

She also collaborates with the Orthezian designer Mademoiselle Txuky (whom we have already mentioned). She hopes to reduce the delivery time by one month. “For some time, I have been thinking about an ostomy bag. It would be an accessory to hide the pocket that contains their urine and stools”.

“In addition, I am working on a range of T-shirts with openings almost everywhere to best meet the needs of parents. It was one of my first projects but I left it aside to devote myself to accessories, I needed to acquire a certain legitimacy before returning to it” details the creator of Zipsnap. “I plan to market them in the spring”.

Pants, dresses, shirts and other t-shirts that will respond to the motor problems of children without neglecting the look.

Finally, “I want to extend my range of products to teenagers, because people ask me more and more”. Thus, the young designer tries to best meet the needs of the people who contact her. She creates according to their expectations and their daily needs by bringing a touch of fashion to her products.

“I work to bring color into the lives of the sick. I am also thinking of parents who have disabled or sick children. I want to make their lives easier,” concludes Juliette Guillot de Suduiraut.

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