Kate and William: new overwhelming revelations for the BBC and its controversial documentary

Kate and William: new overwhelming revelations for the BBC and its controversial documentary

Recently, the British royal family has decided to boycott the BBC.This because of a very controversial documentary concerning the princes at war.A situation that is not ready to arrange especially with the allegations of Amol Rajan, BBC journalist and documentary presenter.Besides, this same Amol Rajan described the public role of Kate and William as being total fraud.He also treated Prince Philip from "Racist Bouffon".

Recall that this is not the first time that Rajan has made incendiary remarks against the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.Recall that in 2012, he had already done the same in articles in The Independent.He is a newspaper he held and held before.It was in an open letter to Kate and William that he had urged the Cambridge to "give up the luxuries of the royal patronage and the aristocracy".He said in particular that everyone would win if they did it.While congratulating the couple at the announcement of their first pregnancy of the time, he did not fail to qualify their public role as "total fraud"."None of you has any particular status: none of you has a particular right on the glorious city of Cambridge, so stop claiming it," he also added.

In the same newspaper, the journalist also said that Prince Philip was a "racist jester" and that Prince Charles was like "scientifically illiterate".

The documentary undergoes unprecedented censorship

Kate et William : de nouvelles révélations accablantes pour la BBC et son documentaire polémique

The documentary The Princes and the Press will be presented in 2 parts.He was strongly censored by Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace.Besides, this documentary is also accused of partiality.The royal family affirms that it would contain unfounded and inaccurate accusations of collusion with the media.Which would be all the more true vis-à-vis information concerning the Sussex.

Many criticisms have been made.Critics who are all the more vivid because of photos taken from Rajan to a cocktail with many associates of Meghan Markle including one of his closest friends, Misha Nonooo.

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