Without a baccalaureate or training, he created his clothing brand in Issoire to take revenge on his handicap.

These are dysexecutive disorders. "It's as if all the desks of an orchestra were working at the same time but there was no leader to organize it all", compares his mother, Laure, employee in the medico-social field. Sans bac ni formation, il créé sa marque de vêtements à Issoire pour prendre une revanche sur son handicap Sans bac ni formation, il créé sa marque de vêtements à Issoire pour prendre une revanche sur son handicap

Difficulty accepting his disability

He has difficulty taking initiatives, concentrating or memorizing several pieces of information simultaneously.

"It has no physical but moral repercussions because it is a source of anxiety attacks. I had a hard time accepting it, especially since I was in the midst of a teenage crisis. I wondered why it was falling on me."

Leo Forcolin (empty)

Today, he lives his disability better and even makes plans. "I'm in the process of creating my streetwear clothing brand. It will be called Conspy", he announces. The reaction of his parents? “Like when your child tells you that he wants to be an actor … My God! We wonder if he will succeed and how, replies Laure. But I recognize that this is the first time that I have seen him so invested into something and it lasts that long."

Their six-year-old daughter suffers from cerebral palsy: "We want her to be able to live like all children" (September 2020)

Only students in his team

Sans bac ni formation, il créé sa marque de vêtements à Issoire pour prendre une revanche sur son handicap

It must be said that Leo is making efforts to make it work, after this period when he lived "chess after failure". Speaking of his idea on the online video streaming platform Twitch, five young people in training, living in the four corners of France, embarked with him six months ago.

Léo has imagined some models that are a little "gory", as he likes. (Photo David Allignon)

Those who study graphic design handle product design. Others take care of communication, the website... "He's still ballsy!", says her mother, impressed by "this thing that comes out of her guts".

It is a motivating adventure in which he has been involved for a year.

I had student jobs but I never went all the way. It was too complicated with my handicap. Ultimately, being my own boss is what suits me best.

Its first t-shirts were delivered from Montpellier, where they are printed, in early April. For now, the team has planned a sample of 20 copies "to see what happens". Less than ten different products were imagined, all unisex and some "politically incorrect" because Leo likes to "tease people".

Prove it's possible

Before being able to put them on sale, Léo Forcolin must finalize the administrative creation of his company. Probably the most complicated step for the Issoirien who does not find the necessary help in these steps. If one day he manages to save enough money, the young entrepreneur wants to buy the equipment to do the printing himself, in Issoire.

"When I talked about this project, I was often told: 'But you didn't study business!' or 'It won't work'. I would love to shut those mouths. C sure if you don't try, you can't make it."

Leo Forcolin (empty)

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