Bordeaux: journalists from Sud Ouest failed in the Eric Zemmour meeting

Bordeaux: journalists from Sud Ouest failed in the Eric Zemmour meeting

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Many journalists from local and national media were present, accreditations in pocket, this Friday, November 12, 2021, for the arrival of Eric Zemmour at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux (Gironde).A meeting that was a success, since he gathered 1,300 supporters;It was therefore in front of a packed room that the polemicist spoke that evening.Several hundred sympathizers also had to stay outside, for lack of space.

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Among the local media that came to cover the event, not all of them were welcome.Indeed, our colleagues from the daily South West were unable to access this Carils public meeting were refused the necessary accreditations.

Facts soberly mentioned in the article that the daily published yesterday at 9:30 p.m.:

"Finally, note that journalists from" South West "will also have been forced to stay on the forecourt, access to this meeting" open to all "having been explicitly, and on several occasions, prohibited by the immediate entourage ofÉric Zemmour.»»

« Il n’était pas question de forcer le passage»»

The journalist present on site this Friday evening, without accreditation, therefore, to cover the event, confirms: "We learned this ban the day before and this was corroborated by SMS the same day, by the communications manager of Eric Zemmour.I went there shortly before the meeting, to make me confirm verbally and indeed, I could not enter the room, I stayed on the forecourt.»»

Bordeaux : des journalistes de Sud Ouest recalés au meeting d'Eric Zemmour

The journalist will therefore write a very factual article, while taking care to warn the readership of this prohibition.He also specifies: "We did not want to go into force or in a disguised manner.We respect this decision, there was no question of forcing the passage.»»

On several occasions, the journalist will be told by the entourage close to Eric Zemmour that "Sud Ouest is the first and the only media to be prohibited from access.»»

« Ils restent sur le trottoir»»

Contacted by us, Arnaud Humbert, coordinator for the New Aquitaine of the National Association Les Amis de Zemmour, willingly explains the refusal of accreditations to journalists from South West, in particular condemning the media treatment of the meeting on Tuesday, October 26,in Biarritz.

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For this former departmental delegate of the national rally, these are inadmissible editorial choice.

Present on site, a news, specifies not having felt any particular hostility towards journalists, whether on the part of the order services, or even members of the Z generation, also present during the brief moment dedicated to the press, after the meeting.

The far right and the media: sometimes tense relationships

Recall that this is not the first time that journalists have been denied accreditations, during the meeting of far-right personalities.In 2019, a Médiapart freelancer was repressed with a meeting in Marine Le Pen, near Rennes.

Similarly, various media (buzzfeed, rue89, streetpress, days or daily, to name a few) could not obtain accreditations, during an evening organized in 2017 in Paris, still by the presidentof the national rally, on the occasion of the second round of the presidential election.

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