Le Mans.Jewelry, clothing A new designer shop is located rue Nationale

Le Mans.Jewelry, clothing A new designer shop is located rue Nationale

The shared shop "Casa Minga" opens this Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at Le Mans (Sarthe).The space brings together the know-how of around twenty craftsmen and creators.

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This is a new address to discover this Tuesday, December 7, 2021, rue Nationale, at Le Mans (Sarthe).Camille Gore opens Casa Minga, a shared shop of creators.

"It's going from clothes to the lamp through jewelry, sculptures, screen printing, postcards ...", Essays the craftsmanship.A bookstore corner is also arranged as well as an artistic exhibition space.

A passage through Argentina

Born in Seine-Saint-Denis, Carole Gore began her career as a costume designer.The designer then settled in Argentina for a while where she launched her own brand.

Le Mans. Bijoux, vêtements une nouvelle boutique de créateurs s'installe rue Nationale

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It is no coincidence that she chose the name Casa Minga for the store.The word casa means house in Spanish and Minga comes from the Argentinian slang."These are hours of shared work, the idea of an exchange of time and to build something together.»»

« La transmission, c’est important pour moi»»

The name reflects the spirit that Camille Gore wishes to breathe in the shop.Ultimately, the designer wants to enhance the garden in order to host events and meetings.

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For her, if this space allows you to be a showcase to expose the know-how of artisans, it designs it as a place of exchange.

Camille Gore designs the possibility of hosting creative workshops."I imagine this place with a collective where everyone can put their grain of sand in pâté, where everyone participates in its development.»»

Infos pratiques : ouvert du mardi au samedi de 10h à 19h.

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